This NYC Luxury Building Has the Air-Purifying Power of 500 Trees

Find out how chemistry enables green building and improves air quality inside a new building in New York.

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Scientists Create ‘Super Wood’ That Is Stronger and Lighter Than Steel

Scientists have developed a new, compressed wood which is less prone to swelling and absorption.

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Product Safety

Is It Time to Red List the Red Lists?

The best way to evaluate building products is to look at the final product, not a “red list.”

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This Year’s Super Bowl Stadium Can Withstand Snow and Save Energy

The U.S. Bank Stadium features a sleek, practical roof made of a material that lets the snow fall off the roof into a gigantic snow gutter. This transparent material, Ethylene Tetrafluoroethyl (ETFE), also saves energy.

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Energy Efficiency

8 (New) Energy Efficient Materials Architects Should Know

To help architects meet their energy efficiency goals, a new wave of chemistry and material science is bringing innovative products and building systems to the marketplace.

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How Material Connexion Gives Unrecyclable Objects A New Life

Material Connexion has a library of more than 8,000 materials, which are used to advise countless Fortune 500 companies.

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Case Studies

Home Depot’s Top Picks for Product Innovation 2017

Vinyl flooring product wins Home Depot 2017 Product Innovation Award. Vinyl flooring is incredibly durable and resilient.

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Case Studies

Chemistry and Construction Materials

Whether it is building materials such as flexible piping, wind-resistant roofing, laminated glass, and projectile-resistant doors, the chemical industry will continue to innovate materials for resilient architecture and design.

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Material Science

Changemaker Shawn Hunter: Life Cycle Assessment

Holistic thinking on building and construction is called life-cycle assessment and it is becoming the norm. LCA considers impact of a building before it is constructed, or after it is no longer in use.

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Material Science

Architects and Industry Collaborate on Health in the Built Environment

A panel at Greenbuild 2016 in Los Angeles brought together three experts – one from the chemical industry, one a toxicologist, and one an architect who leads her firm’s sustainability efforts to discuss healthy buildings.

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