Clean Water Day

In recognition of the UN’s World Water Day, a new video highlights how chemistry is essential to clean, fresh drinking water.

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Product Safety

Lumber Liquidators and composite wood: What’s missing from this story?

Learn about the important distinctions between compliant and non-compliant laminate flooring materials from Jackson Morrill, the president of the Composite Panel Association.

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Material Science

Newest homes built to stand up to Mother Nature’s fiercest outbursts

Although much attention has focused on green building practices, resilient-design strategies take the concept of building efficiently a step further with a proactive approach to creating durable homes that can withstand almost anything Mother Nature throws at them.

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10 Innovative Buildings Made from Plastic

From uniquely designed houses to a stylish pavilion, plastic material science is moving architectural designs forward.

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Product Safety

Architect Magazine: Chemistry and the Building Process for Architects

This continuing education print course explores how chemistry enhances performance in the building industry as well as the future of chemistry for architects.

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Product Safety

Chemical Ingredients in Building Products: What Do You Really Need to Know?

HPDs can’t be used in isolation to make decisions about the safety and environmental performance of a product.

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Energy Efficiency

USGBC Working Group Unanimously Approves New Guidance for LEED Materials & Resources Credit 4

New guidance helps product manufacturers offer insight into material and supply chain sustainability.

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General News

US Green Building Council Gives Steps for New LEED Credit

The US Green Building Council (USGBC) has released guidance, for achieving a credit under Leed v4 for material ingredient disclosure and selection of safer substances.

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Product Safety

Fear Factor – Green Marketing

Mark Silverberg, President of Technoform North America, Inc., highlights a few key aspects of green marketing for architects, specifiers and builders to consider.

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Super-slick material makes steel better, stronger, cleaner

A new surface coating for steel, made from rough nanoporous tungsten oxide, has researchers praising its durable anti-fouling and anti-corrosive properties.

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